Choosing a Professional Residential Property Management company should be undertaken with as much care and consideration as you would put into choosing the property itself. The key factor for a trouble free investment property is low maintenance. When purchasing a property, consider the following:

Purchasing New and Off the Plan Properties

Look for:

  • Quality fixtures and fittings that carry the installers guarantee.
  • Extended warranties on appliances, such as dishwashers and air conditioners.
  • Minimal, darker coloured carpeting.
  • Tiling in the main living and kitchen areas.
  • Sturdy blinds with minimum cording.
  • Uniform white or off-white wall paint throughout.
  • LED roof lighting.
  • Low maintenance gardens.

Purchasing Established Units and Houses


  • Property is water compliant, in order to be able to re-bill water to tenants.
  • With a swimming pool or Spa, there is a current and valid pool fence safety certificate.
  • Smoke alarms are installed and compliant.
  • Blind and curtain cording is compliant with current regulations.
  • Factor in appliance extended warranties into your purchase price to avoid high maintenance costs.
  • Robust fixtures and fittings to withstand wear and tear.

Where possible try to avoid:

1. Stand-alone properties with a swimming pool or Spa baths

2. ‘Fancy’ fixtures and fittings that are difficult to replace or repair.

3. Outside pergola’s and brushwood-type screen fencing.

4. High maintenance timber decks.

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